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Imagine owning a pen made from solid metal and finished by hand in the U.S. Strong enough to last, durable enough to pass on to someone special one day, so they, too, can make their mark on the world.

  • Machined from a single piece of metal
  • Guaranteed to last you a lifetime
  • Hand-blended to appear as a single piece
  • Comes with Fisher Space ballpoint refill fitted but will take any G2 Parker refill

We obsessively seek out the highest quality materials and adhere to the strictest engineering standards to produce fine, functional writing tools. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and do away with unnecessary, extraneous clips or ridges. We think the beauty of a product is in its simplicity, and that the best ones speak for themselves. When you buy from us, you get a piece that leaves room for self-expression without sacrificing function.

The products we use every day affect us. Choose yours wisely.

Guarantee: We’ve designed the pen to last a lifetime, but we know things can still happen so we back it up with a very simple policy: if you ever have an issue, send your pen back and we will fix it or make you a new one.

Includes: Pen body, Fisher Space pen refill, removable clip, Scotch Brite pad

Tellurium Copper: Copper is one of the few metals that occur in nature in directly usable metallic form as opposed to needing extraction from an ore. Copper on its own can be soft and dent easily, so by adding tellurium we make it stronger and easier to machine. It also offers natural antimicrobial properties for those worried about germy hands. Copper will patina over time.

Technical Details: Length: 145mm (5.7 in)
Diameter: 9.5mm (.375 in)
Weight: 47g (1.66 oz)


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