A Mechanical Pencil that will last you a lifetime.

Stainless Steel






One of the youngest people to join the British Royal Air Force, Modern Fuel founder Andrew Sanderson trained as an Aircraft Engineer specialising in mechanical engineering. His responsibilities involved ensuring the optimum flying performance of Royal Air Force aircraft.

Applying the same high standards, pioneering innovation, functionality and reliability to the design of the Modern Fuel writing tools.

Deciding to fight the pressure to design products that are limited in their life span, Modern Fuel create products that will last generations. Creating a greater sense of ownership and dependability.

Smarter Thinking

In this digital age where typing rules the written word, there’s something refreshing, sublime even, about picking up a nice pen or pencil and putting it to paper to record new ideas and meaningful notes. Research has suggested that writing by hand improves memory, learning of language and complex ideas, and even creative problem solving and innovation.

Attention to Detail

We are obsessed with using the highest quality materials and engineering to produce the finest most functional accessories. We insist on removing all unnecessary details so you are not burdened with non-essentials and designing neutral and restrained products to leave room for your self-expression. We believe making products aesthetically pleasing is integral to its usefulness. The products we use every day affect our person and well-being.

Designed to last

Our focus is not on the quickest way of making things but on how long they will last. Producing products that are void of any design features that may go out of fashion therefore never appears antiquated. Designing products that are compatible with earlier components and making it possible to order replacement parts so as things change the products you own adapt. Having direct contact with our customers ensures that every comment you make about your product and our service is heard loud and clear and acted upon.

Balance & Poise

We believe that making products aesthetically pleasing is integral to their usefulness. Not being surrounded by clutter and unnecessary details will allow you to clear your mind to focus on what's important. The products we use every day can affect our person and well-being so choosing what you buy and who you buy it from is very important. Making our writing implements perfectly balanced is a great metaphor for how to try to keep our lives in balance.


All of our components are machined from a solid piece of raw metal. The drill swarf and waste is sent back to the foundry to be melted down and reformed into new parts. Our packaging is made from naturally sustainable cork or recyclable card. It is important to us that the only mark we leave in the world is the passing down of pens and pencils to future generations.


To consider that the objects we produce today will be around 100 years from now is undoubtedly better for us, but is extremely challenging to achieve.  We do this by designing tools that will adapt and change with you as you move through different stages of life and will ultimately stand the test of time. The tools we make are designed to last a lifetime.
Modern Fuel Sustainable Cork Packaging

Simple and Timeless

Heirloom quality writing tools that will last you a lifetime.