John Pawson, Architect

“Apart from enjoying the pencils daily as design tools, there is pleasure in contemplating an object that must clearly contain many intricate parts, but appears as a single piece of milled metal. They sit on my desk like a series of ingots, reminding me of the metals we use in building.


Just received the pen and it is perfect ! Thanks for making such a perennial tool. the copper one I ordered starts to age (darkening of the surface) and it looks even better. Just surprised not to get the clip with it, I thought it would be included in the last shipments. Any idea of when you will be able to ship it?


My pencil arrived today, and it is perfect. The seam where the cone meets the body completely disappears and it’s very comfy to hold.


Got my pencils yesterday and I'm so happy with them. Thanks so much for all the hard work.


Received pencils, very happy. Weight and balance are great, the evolution from the original obvious and for the positive.


I got my pencil and it is the coolest thing ever! It feels amazing in my hand and I don’t think I’ll want go back to any of my others.

James Gifford

"Modern Fuel has a fantastic mechanical pencil that I truly believe will 'last a lifetime.' I've bought several, both for myself and as gifts. The reactions that people have when they see/receive them is always a joy."

Edward L

A very, very well made mechanical pencil. Well balanced and solid, not like the cheap plastic units out there.

Rain Noe, Core77 Senior Editor

What most impressed me about Sanderson's design is how he endeavoured to hide the seams. It really does look like the conical tip and the shaft are one solid, machined piece.

Josh Bloomgarden

I received my pencil yesterday and it's even more wonderful then I had hoped it would be - incredible design, beautiful and far and away the best mechanical pencil I have ever owned or for that matter ever seen - thanks so much.