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The Every Day Fountain Pen



Our pens and pencils are carved out of a solid piece of metal and contain no plastic parts. This is an item you can pass on to your grandchildren.


We stand behind the quality of our pens and pencils. If your item has a defect for any reason, we'll fix or replace it.

Aerospace precision

Built with the experience in engineering for one of the most demanding industries on earth. Our pens and pencils are an unrivaled quality.


As a former U.S. Army Blackhawk Maintenance Test Pilot, Matt understands the satisfaction one gets from putting a precision-made product to everyday use. Unfortunately, writing instruments are typically cheap, disposable items.


After a lot of research, he found that even expensive pens and pencils are cheaply made and rely on stock plastic parts. Enter Modern Fuel. Custom, heirloom-quality pens and pencils that are designed, machined, and finished right here in the USA.