We combine the highest quality materials and engineering standards with sleek, minimal design to produce the absolute finest writing tools there are.

Our Story

Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Modern Fuel founder had a life-long obsession with taking things apart to see how they work. He went on to train as an aircraft engineer specializing in mechanical engineering in the British Royal Air Force, ensuring the optimum flying performance of aircraft. As it turns out, that love for tinkering and engineering experience was the perfect combination for a career in product design.

Having always sketched product ideas in a book he carried in his pocket, creating the perfect pencil for sketching and designing was a natural project for Andrew to tackle. And so began the line of Modern Fuel writing tools, to which he meticulously applies the same pioneering innovation and high functionality and reliability standards he used in his days in aircraft engineering.

Modern Fuel is now run out of San Antonio, Texas where the owner lives with his family and continues to carry on the legacy of high quality products.

Our Values

Superior Quality

  • Aircraft Engineering Standards: We apply the strict functionality and reliability standards from our background in aircraft engineering to the design of our products.
  • Superior Materials: We obsessively seek out the highest quality materials and utilize metals normally found in high-end watches, not writing tools.
  • U.S. Manufacturing: Highly skilled American machinists that have been making airplane parts for generations produce our products.
  • Designed to Last: We’re not interested in the quickest or cheapest way of making things. We’re committed instead to designing items that will last you a lifetime.

Attention to Detail

  • Our Process: We use the same meticulous approach to product creation that’s taken when designing and manufacturing a luxury watch -- resulting in items equally as well made and long-lasting.

‘Buy Once’ Philosophy

  • We believe in buying few, quality items to take pride in and that will last for generations.


  • By creating long-lasting heirloom items that can replace hundreds of disposable items over a customer’s lifetime, we hope to contribute to a little less plastic floating around in the world.
  • Our packaging is made from naturally sustainable cork and recyclable card.
  • Our components are machined down from a solid piece of raw metal, and waste is melted down and reformed into new parts.

Lifetime Guarantee

  • A Simple Promise: We design our products to last you a lifetime, but we know things can still happen. If you ever have an issue with one of our writing tools, send it back to us and we’ll fix it for you or make you a new one. Simple as that.

Direct Customer Communication

  • We’re real humans, and so are you. We never want to be a company that you have trouble getting in touch with or that you can’t put a human voice to.
  • We aim to ensure that every thought you have about your product and our service is heard loud and clear and acted upon.

Our Design Principles


  • We believe that a product’s aesthetic appeal is a fundamental part of its usefulness.


  • We believe that the beauty of a product is in its simplicity, and that the best ones speak for themselves.
  • We aim to design neutral and restrained products, void of all non-essential details and design features that may go out of fashion to leave a blank canvas that fits into any style and leaves room for your self-expression.
  • We pride ourselves in creating products that appear from the outside as a single, sleek piece of milled metal despite containing many intricate internal parts.
  • Minimal design is known to bring a sense of peace. We hope that our products can have that same effect on you when you use them, if even in a small amount.


  • No rolling, stamping or pressing is used in our process. Instead, our products are machined down from one solid piece of metal, making them incredibly durable.
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Simple and Timeless

Heirloom quality writing tools that will last you a lifetime.