4 Ways To Show You Appreciate Your Coworkers

Thank you sign on wall with lights

Your job can be as uplifting or as soul sucking as you make it, but if you’re ready to ditch the negative vibes then there’s one surefire way to do so. Share you appreciation for others.

When you let others know that their good work, positive attitude or sense of camaraderie hasn’t gone unnoticed, not only are you lifting their spirits but it’s an innate part of your nature that will make you feel good as well.

How to achieve this feat? After all, sharing positive feedback can often be more challenging than sharing frustrations. Taking it too far can be as uncomfortable as being the office grouch.

Here are some ways to express appreciation to those you spend a great deal of your time with.

1. A handwritten “Thank You.”  A simple “Thank you,” can go a long way, but there’s a difference between uttering manners by rote and expressing sincere gratitude. When you take the time to put your stainless steel ballpoint pen to pad, then writing out the simple words shows that you’ve both processed their behavior and cared enough to it take a moment from your day and communicate it in a meaningful way.

2. Treat them to a treat. You don’t need to buy an expensive edible arrangement or a big bouquet; but a chocolate bar, cup of coffee or even a gift card to their favorite coffee shop is enough to get the message across.  Showing your appreciation by giving something small and simple shows that you aren’t taking them for granted and, beyond noticing all the ways they’ve helped you, it shows that you’re paying attention to their likes, dislikes, and that you enjoy getting to know them. 

3. Write an endorsement on LinkedIn. Meet professional excellence with professional excellence. Most everyone has a LinkedIn account these days, and despite how and when one utilizes it, it’s extremely helpful to have endorsements. Simply login, scroll to the endorsement section of their profile, find a skill you would like to endorse, and hit that “+” sign. It’s small, but it shows you have a great deal of trust for them. A small bonus, (not to ruin the altruistic mood,) but they will likely return the favor and endorse you for something next! 

4. Talk (good) smack about them… to their boss. Mentioning to the higher ups when someone has been an asset to you is a great way to show that their good actions haven’t gone unnoticed. Whether their boss praises them, or their chance of a raise or promotion increases, the gesture is incredibly meaningful, and speaks volumes to your coworker.