The Written Word Is Good For Your Soul

 The Written Word Is Good For Your Soul - sign with good vibes written on it

Something magical can happen when you connect your titanium ballpoint pen to the page. The way your knuckles wrap around the pen; the way your fingertips gently move the inky point, carefully creating curves and edges that each letter; each letter is a step towards composing a word; and the words, when in a specified formation create meaning.


It’s no wonder that writing by hand can be so therapeutic. The adventure of attempting to articulate your thoughts- whether it’s by spoken word or written word- can be extremely beneficial to day-to-day life. When you use the method of writing by hand, there’s something almost sacred about the process.


Some people choose to journal. Why? Because they have experienced the immense satisfaction that expressing their thoughts through written word has given them. Writing your thoughts down can make you feel liberated, as if you’re relieving yourself from the burden of storing thoughts, emotions, lists, etc., in your head, leaving them to slowly but surely build into a feeling of overwhelm over time. When you write things down, your brain understands them in an entirely new way, leading you to exciting new epiphanies and giving you the freedom to move on.


Writing by hand can unleash your creativity as it triggers your brain to focus on, and then expand on the words on the page. The distractions melt away, encouraging you to center yourself and dig deeper into the depths of your mind. How often do you do this? How often are you quiet, truly giving your attention to the present moment, without the temptation to swipe or scroll or click? Doing so can spark new ideas, or give an eye-opening perspective on old ideas.


The rhythmic nature of writing by hand and the unique way each person’s handwriting loops onto a page ignites the artistic side of the brain. The consistency in pattern has a musicality to it that can be calming. Unlike drawing a picture, it also triggers the calculative side of the brain due to the academic nature of writing. The result is that both sides of your brain works together, creating a beautiful and stimulating balance, healthy for the mind and spirit.


Yes, we have developed communication skills from cave drawings to typing 75 words per minute, but the need for speed that has been created is not feeding us in the same way. The mental health benefits of writing by hand are significant, and worth slowing down, even a little, to experience the true magic of the written word.