Bolt Action Pen Clip Kit

Bolt Action Pen Clip Kit

$ 35.00 USD
Stainless SteelTitanium
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Our bolt action pen clip kit is designed to fit any previously made Modern Fuel bolt action pen. It replaces the slider and pin on your existing bolt action pen.

Each kit includes a titanium clip and your choice of a stainless or titanium slider (select above).

We've improved our tolerances over previous bolt action pen parts to try to prevent clip contact with the body when extending the refill. However, these tight tolerances may prevent some production runs from fitting properly. If that's the case, we will pay return shipping for you to return the kit.

Note 1: This clip will partially cover bolt action pen engravings done before 10/13/2023.

Note 2: Use of this clip may lightly scratch the body of your pen if the clip is not installed properly.


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  • 100 Year Warranty
  • 100% Metal


  • Brushed Titanium Clip
  • Stainless or Titanium Slider
  • Set Screw
  • Allen wrench
  • *Pen sold separately

Perfecting  The most successful Bolt Action Pen on Kickstarter of all time


It’s Adjustable

Our pen is the first of its kind. You can adjust the ink tip to extend closer or farther from the pen’s tip. This allows you to fine-tune your pen to fit your personal writing style. Extend the tip longer for a more slanted writing style. Retract the tip tighter for a more vertical writing style.


Our pen’s unique feature that allows you to adjust the tip length also enables the pen to accommodate nearly any standard ink refill. It can hold ink refills from 89mm to 116mm in length, which includes the overwhelming majority of full-size refills on the market. This includes popular ink refills like Fisher Space Pen, Pilot G-2, and many more.

Our Modern Fuel Bolt Action Pen comes standard with a Pilot G-2 refill already fitted.

It’s Minimalist

Many bolt action pens are designed to look large and bulky, but our Bolt Action Pen is ⅜” (9.5mm) in diameter, considerably thinner than most bolt action pens on the market today.

Our slimmer, sleeker, minimalist take on the concept is more comfortable to hold and easier to carry.



Luxury watch grade bronze

Bronze has long been used as a durable metal for ship fittings and diving equipment. We’re the only pen out there that uses a solid piece of C52100 bronze, a high quality bronze often reserved for high-end luxury watches. Bronze has a significant weight to it, the user can truly feel the stable balance and all-metal construction. The bronze pen will have a matte patina over time as it ages. Choose bronze if you’re looking for a softer metal that ages with character offers an antique feel.



Stainless steel is a hard metal with excellent resistance to corrosion. It is one of the most common metals used in luxury watches for a highly practical clean, sleek look. The pen is heavy enough to feel the heft of quality, but not too heavy. It will not dull or patina over time, leaving you with the same pristine pen for decades to come. Choose stainless steel if you want a moderately heavy pen that will look as good as new in 50 years.



Copper has a distinct look and feel that ages with character. Often used for high end home finishings like faucets. Copper is a softer metal that will embody its usage and patina over time. For the discerning user looking for a pen with heft, copper is our heaviest pen. Choose copper if you’re looking for a distinct metal with heft that ages with the user for a beautiful antique heirloom piece.


Unparalleled strength

Titanium is as hard as steel and 45% lighter. Unaffected by fatigue, cracking, aging, or corrosion. Titanium is trusted for the toughest jobs on the planet, including use inside jet engines. The titanium pen is the lightest pen by far. Choose titanium if you want a light, nearly indestructible pen that will withstand even the harshest conditions and still look brand new.