3 Reasons Why A Handwritten “Thank You” Is Best

 3_Reasons_Why_A_Handwritten _Thank You_Is_Best_thank_you_card

When a person shows you kindness in one way or another, it can be tough to come up with the words to say, “Thank You.” The words of gratitude might need time to reverberate in your mind, and only then can you whittle them down into one or more meaningful phrases that express your true appreciation.  


Luckily, it isn’t just the words that indicate your gratitude. When written by hand, a card, note or letter can give those words a significant platform that is sure to hit home.


Here are a few reasons why writing a “thank you” by hand is simply the best.


  1. It’s personal. Of course, an email or a shout out on social media can raise attention, but it’s fleeting. A handwritten message sends a feeling of intimacy between you and the recipient. Your personal handwriting, your signature, overflowing with unique character, representing who you are. When you give someone the opportunity to glimpse this rarely seen part of you, the simplicity of a “thank you” oozes with meaning.


  1. You can get creative, or not… Handwritten notes can be in the form of a letter, signed sealed and delivered. It can be a clever card with your words spilling over the pages. It can be as simple as a piece of paper stating the obvious, “thank you.” When you choose to acknowledge your appreciation by hand, that, alone, is a creative choice that shows thought. When was the last time you received a letter by mail that you actually wanted to read? When was the last time you had a note passed your way, or a spontaneous card that wasn’t on your birthday? Handwritten notes, letters and cards are reminiscent of a time when words meant something deeper, so regardless of how creative you are, your message will have more of an impact.


  1. It shows you truly care. Sending a thoughtful email is tempting… but why is it so? Probably because it’s easy. Writing your “thanks” by hand isn’t necessarily a taxing assignment, but the little bit of effort and thought put forth goes a long way, the effect being that the person on the receiving end feels a deeper sense of appreciation. When the recipient reads the words written by you, they can almost envision you writing with your titanium ballpoint pen, allowing your thoughts to flow freely onto the page. The mere image is enough to encourage more altruism and gratitude, because, in the end, their actions were recognized.