5 Ways to Get Noticed At Work

 5 Ways to Get Noticed At Work  - man stood next to window at work

Work is a place we spend much of our time. It’s where we head to hone our specific skills and to utilize our unique talents in order bring growth to a company.


How we do at work defines how we do in other aspects of our lives. If you are flourishing, you may walk through life more confidently. On the contrary, if you aren’t reaching your potential, the stress of not getting noticed could seep into your personal affairs.


Don’t be that guy (or girl.)  Follow these tips so that you can stand out- not just at the office, but in your daily life.  




  1. BE BOLD. Don’t confuse being bold with being right, because boldness doesn’t always require correctness. Being bold means that you have the guts to share your ideas and suggestions, even when you don’t know the outcome. It means that in a meeting, you use your voice. You ask questions and speak up about concerns. Ultimately, you take risks.


  1. HAVE A MIND OF YOUR OWN. Don’t wait for others to tell you what has to be done. If you’re finished with an assignment, take initiative instead of asking, “what’s next?” Just go for it. If you see there have been tasks that you boss (or others) haven’t had the time to get to, take it on yourself. When you present your extra work, your superiors will be filled with gratitude, and will understand that they can depend on you to take on more.


  1. BE SELFLESS. Helping your coworkers is a win/win/win situation. You’re superiors may take notice (win,) you’re colleague will be grateful for the extra hand (win,) and you strengthen your relationship with your fellow employees, making work a more pleasurable place to be (win.)


  1. BE PROMPT OR EARLY. It’s not the end of the world if you have a crisis and can’t get to work or a meeting on-the-dot (depending on what the crisis is, that is.) However, the majority of the time, be the person who’s ready and waiting- not being waited on. It shows that you are respectful of other people’s time… that you don’t presume your own life takes precedence over anyone else’s. Take advantage of the extra time you have when you show up early to get started on or complete assignments, or knock out extras like watering the plants.


  1. BE YOU. This one can be the most difficult to achieve, as it’s not always easy to be yourself when pressure exists of wanting to do a good job while pleasing your boss. It can be done in little ways. Dress in clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident. Make your office space your own. Arm yourself with the instruments that make you feel good; your stainless steel ballpoint pen, perhaps. You have character. It’s time to show others who you are.