Practice Gratitude This Holiday Season

Woman holding picture frame - Give thanks

Practice Gratitude This Holiday Season


Tis’ the season for gift giving and new beginnings. It’s that time of year when you reflect upon all that you have, all that you’ve accomplished, and all that you wish to manifest into your life in the upcoming year.


Through the preparations, planning… partying… purchasing, it’s easy to get lost in the chaos and forget the very purpose of the hustle; to spend valuable time with loved ones.


There are many ways to stay present during this time of year, and practicing gratitude is among the best. Feeling actively appreciative of what you have around you allows for a sense of connection and belonging that can help you to get through even the toughest of family gatherings.


Here are some key ways to push the frustration aside and bring gratitude to the forefront.


Meditate on it. Go to the place that helps you find your inner Zen, and once there focus your attention on all that you are grateful for. It can be while the warm beads of water drip on your head in the shower, or while you’re methodically scrubbing dishes, bringing cleanliness and order to your home. Or, sitting cross-legged with your back up straight, your hands tucked gently in your lap as you slowly inhale and exhale. All the while, pondering the little joys your life is filled with.


Share it with others. In a toast, on a card, over the phone or over drinks. Half the fun of feeling gratitude is to share it. It can be easy to start a fight with friends, family or loved ones. It is far more challenging to say nice things. Letting someone know what you appreciate about them is incredibly rewarding, like a theater actor nailing a joke, listening to the audience erupt in laughter. It feels good to make others feel good. It also feels good to share your gratitude, instead of keeping it all for yourself.


Journal about it. Get it out of your head and onto the page. Take your sturdy titanium mechanical pencil and let your thoughts flow freely on the crisp, clean paper, trying your best for your fingers to keep up with your thoughts, allowing you brain to process your gratitude in new and exciting ways. Make nightly lists, morning lists, any kind of lists, jam packed with all the things, big and small, that brought you gratitude today, and everyday.