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December 01, 2019 2 min read

Person giving gift in hands

The Gift Of Giving (To Your Boss)


Tis’ the season, or just about. Expectations are sure to be high from your loved ones, a watch or some jewelry might suffice. Perhaps this year it’s a more thoughtful gift that recalls an intimate moment, showing just how much you pay attention and what you think they’re worth, all at once. Family and friends can be a fun procedure, sharing lists or going with the standard never-fails.


There’s another gift, though… a trickier gift that requires a perfect balance between thoughtful and modest. The gift that really could keep on giving.


This is the gift for your boss.


Of course, it can’t be showy, but it can’t be lame. It can’t be too thought out, but it can’t be thrown together. It’s perhaps the gift that, from the receiver’s perspective, identifies who you are as a person. No pressure.


Fear not. There are ways to come out on top of this conundrum in a seemingly effortless fashion. There are gifts out there that portray a sense of confidence, style, knowledge and modesty all at once. Delivering one to your boss won’t only make you stand out at work; it’ll make you feel good inside.


  1. Portable Cold Brew Coffee Maker. Because you understand the need to refuel and recharge throughout the day. The mixture of this sleek design, simplicity and practicality will say all the right things to your boss.
  2. Logitech Portable Keyboard. Because you know the importance of getting work done on the go. This device pairs with your smartphone, so you can utilize your time, even when you aren’t lugging around your laptop. This lightweight tool will show your boss that you mean business.
  3. Washington Post birthday book. Because you’re more than aware of your bosses intelligence and appreciation of history. This gift shows that you have a sentimental side, as well as a thirst for knowledge.
  4. Custom Engraved Whiskey Stone Set. Because you’re savvy when it comes to unwinding after a hard day’s work. This classic gift shows your sociable side in a way that is more prestigious than reckless. Maybe one day, you’ll share a toast after a hard-earned deal.
  5. Luxury Writing Instruments. Because you know best that simplicity is key. Because you acknowledge the value of the written word. Because you’re firm in your stance that being equipped with a custom engraved stainless steel ballpoint pen is like having your own magic wand; to make moments everlasting, to make everlasting changes, to make something permanent.

Enjoy your Holiday season! 


Andrew Sanderson
Andrew Sanderson

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