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September 06, 2019 2 min read

What Your Professional Pen Says About You

An abundance of online quizzes will supposedly tell us what everything from our shoes to our coffee mugs have to say about us, and we all wonder if there’s truly something to it. Now we ask—is the pen truly a status symbol? We’ve all seen portraits of great historical figures, the quill in their hands an indicator of their great knowledge. As craftsmen of luxury pens, Modern Fuel naturally believes that a quality writing instrument can indeed say something about your character. Below we outline what we believe a professional pen says about you.

You Like Substance

You see value in every detail, big or small, that goes into a single object. You aren’t shallow, and you see the importance of things that last. As someone who appreciates substance, you have quite a bit of it yourself. You reflect this quality through the carefully-crafted titanium ballpoint pen that sits atop your desk.

You Mean What You Say

When you purchase something of significant value, it’s because you have confidence in the actions you take. You don’t do anything thoughtlessly, because you’ve already thought it through and weighed the consequences of that action—the good and the bad. By the time you get to the point where you carry out an action, you’ve already decided that you stand behind it.

You’re Organized

In your world, everything has its place. Things aren’t likely to go missing for too long, if at all, because you know to return them to their proper spot so that you don’t misplace them. Since you collect things of quality, you make sure to take care of them. The same goes for your schedule: you never miss an appointment.

You Pay Attention to Detail

Even the littlest details don’t get past you. Whether it’s the stitching in your jacket or a crooked switch plate, you’re sure to notice it. The small things matter to you because you know that a collection of small things can make a whole. You like things that are carefully made and thought through.

You Get the Job Done

You have all the tools for success lined up in your belt, and you never let a task go unfinished. You collect the things you need to see things through, beginning to end. You can’t sit on your sofa and turn on a movie if you know the dishes or laundry need washed. For you, nothing is as rewarding as a job well done.

Andrew Sanderson
Andrew Sanderson

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