Your Desk Speaks Volumes


Are you sleek? A minimalist? Or are you strong and sturdy? Your office, whether at home or in your workplace, is where you spend a good portion of your time. It's where you call the shots. It's where you provide for your family. It should be a place that reflects your character, a place where you feel confident and at peace.


A desk is not just a piece of furniture. It contains the tools you need; the beloved devices that equip you for your day. Your handmade leather notebook, giving off the aroma of strength; a coaster for your coffee to fuel you, a titanium pen that you will use to sign the letters of your name.


The placement of your desk can cry out differing messages to a visitor who stumbles through your door. Are you an artist? Designer? Boss? Perhaps both. If your desk is centred, it might give off a signal that you are balanced and steady. If it is in the corner, then maybe you prefer your solitude.


Maybe you welcome your guests with the warmth and satisfaction of a cheery wood. A surface of glass indicates a sense of cleanliness and profound organizational skills. Whether your desk is L-shaped, laden with drawers, or simply no-frills rectangular can speak volumes about who you are in the same way your vehicle can indicate whether or not you have a need for speed.


But nothing says quite as much as what your desk actually holds. It’s your armour, gearing you up for the daily fight for survival. Your bonsai tree transports you, bringing you to a place of Zen when the day gets rough. A picture reminding you of all that you are fortunate for. Your favourite coffee mug.


And, of course, that titanium ballpoint pen, the way it rolls off the pages in your notebook. Every word you write has meaning. The feeling of the titanium in your hands adds weight to each letter, brings substance to every crossing of a “t” and dotting of an “i”.


When it comes time to change or rearrange, or perhaps you’re starting anew, with only possibilities ahead, it’s time to ask yourself: What do you want your desk to say about you?