Modern Fuel offers several high-end mechanical pencil & pen accessories to help customize your mechanical pencil and pen needs. We believe our products should last you for life, which is why we back them with a lifetime guarantee; however, as our erasers don’t, we offer refill-erasers in packages of 20. If you are an engineer just like the founder of Modern Fuel, Andrew Sanderson, small erasers don’t cover large sketching projects. Be sure to grab one of our eraser plugs to keep your pencil aesthetic looking sharp and sleek. Additionally, you can swap out both erasers or plugs for our stylus nibs for added functionality. While all our pencils come with a standard 0.5mm mechanism, Modern Fuel offers additional add-ons for pencil mechanism sizes to ensure one pencil can handle the lead requirements for any project. Additionally, we offer high-end mechanical pencil & pen accessories to help keep your desk tidy and neat like our Modern Fuel pen holders.